1. What is Buy from USA Receive in Uganda?

Buy from USA receive in Uganda is a slogan of UG UNLOCKED LLC based in California and UG UNLOCKED LTD in Kampala.

2. What do you do exactly?

We help people living in East Africa, source for quality goods from USA and those in USA to send quality goods to their friends in Uganda. We shall be expanding to Africa soon starting with Congo and then Ghana and so on later.

3. How soon will i receive my item in Uganda?

We have two modes of shipping: Express that take 5 days leaves every Monday and gets to Kampala on Friday. Economy takes 10 to 21 days, Leaves every Monday. Please understand how this works, we buy the items online for you and we wait for them from the sellers. Then we send them to you. So please note that some times delays may be inevitable.

4. Do you have an office i can meet you?

Yes we do have an office in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, TZ, Kenya and South Sudan.

5. How do i make a payment?

You can pay directly to our office or via mobile money 0774011110. For all our USA customers you send the money to the person collecting the items and they will pay at the time of collection.

6. Do you give any warranties?

Warranty is purchased separately on the very day you purchase the item. Please note that you can choose coverage for 1 year or two years. The cost is 10% more the cost of the item. For example if you buy a phone for 100,000/= and you want one year coverage you will pay 10,000 extra, if you want two years you will pay 20,000 extra. Terms and conditions apply. Ask at the time of purchase.

7. Do you do door delivery when my order arrives in Kampala?

Yes we can deliver to you at your door for 5,000/= only on appointment only. We do next day delivery only, for example if you call us on Monday , we shall put you on Tuesday delivery unless if we have a trip to the area you live on the same day you call.

8. Do i have to pay any taxes when my items get to kampala?

No you don't have to worry about that, the price we quote for you includes taxes and shipping fees!

9. I want to buy and pay for my items by myself and ship them to you, how do i go about this?

Please send the items to create an account on our website and you will see the address when you login in under your dashboard tab!

10. Do you have tools i can use to do business with you?

Yes we do. For costs use our cost calculator www.ugunlocked.com/calculator For order tracking and follow up use www.ugunlocked.com/track.php For submitting items you bought yourself please use form below www.ugunlocked.com/purchases.html You can also access all the tools using our App
Diana Kigozi
2016-03-11, 09:23
Have always given feedback to Paul... I so appreciate your honesty, commitment. You are one in a million and the service- super!
2022-07-29, 14:52
They are trustworthy people thank you,I my package
Katongole Yahaya
2017-09-08, 21:59
I have purchased alot of items with UG UNLOCKED and its been a blessing to work with these guy,At an affordable prices,Working condition of items so n...
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