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2024-05-11, 06:53
I ordered a delicate item and I received it in a good condition. Looking forward to giving you guys more business. Cheers
Brian Mali
2024-03-20, 12:15
You guys are awesome ! I got my stuff. No issues
Karani Calvin
2024-03-08, 22:59
Awesome team.....
2024-02-26, 13:55
Great Service!
2023-01-28, 01:41
Innocent Kyobe
2022-11-03, 09:24
You delivered everything as I expected it.
2022-11-03, 09:22
Great Experience
Frustrated customer
2022-10-10, 14:29
2022-09-24, 05:52
100% GREAT
2022-09-15, 23:10
I recommend anyone to ship with this company, because of my first experience i had with them, they have good customer services. I waited for my item for some time, but it was worthy the wait i got it well. Ugunlocked you're the best in this!
2022-07-29, 14:52
They are trustworthy people thank you,I my package
2022-04-19, 09:19
poor service. delayed items.Over three months
2022-01-24, 13:51
I have dealt with you a number of times, but the last two were terrible. The communication has become despicable. This it typical of Ugandans businesses-when the money comes in they become arrogant. I Iike it that there are new players on the market. Maybe it's time to make a change. If you don't pllnup your socks, economics will teach you. I see people going back to salabed already.
kyamulesire klein
2021-12-27, 13:15
They're the best. They never disappoint
2021-11-25, 07:15
It's been a delightful experience everytime.
Keep it up guys.
Muhammad Alfaiz
2021-11-05, 03:53
Peter Angusa
2021-10-06, 14:35
You guys didn't disappoint me. Orders arrived within the timelines you gave me!!!
Daniel Myles
2021-08-11, 07:30
Simply reliable
always have delivered my items swiftly and in condition
thanks for the great work
2021-05-28, 08:56
ordered for an item telling me it will come in 2 to 4 weeks, now its been more than a month and telling me to order something elsse, so they made wait so long and dint even deliver
2021-01-11, 19:18
Trust company.i ordered and received.plus good customer care too
2020-12-16, 07:54
You say that you don't do returns then I come here and find a link to returns and repairs. Which is it Mr Rogers?
2020-11-10, 15:37
My favourite person is roger mukisa. He handles me soo well and pays attention to my.orders. thank u ug unlocked
Morgan ink Ug
2020-10-20, 22:45
Thanks for the loyalty and trust delivering you services to us.
Nakirya Ritah
2020-06-29, 19:21
How do I order
2020-06-05, 13:39
Items ordered arrived quickly and we were so excited to get them even during lockdown
2020-04-04, 09:58
Your so great guys a was hustling to get ma staff to uganda from the US but hope have found a solution ... thank u so mch my items reached uganda just on time
Moses Wekesa
2020-02-07, 06:10
Great service and customer care. Love these guys.
Angela Wandera
2019-12-21, 04:44
Why cant I access Amazon site so I select items. You havent listed what I want
Your selection is limiting
Bwette Kenneth
2019-07-06, 05:19
I have bought alot of stuff from USA and Canada through Ugunlocked, i have bought stuff for close to 100 million uganda shillings and they are really trustworthy.
Continue serving
2019-04-13, 12:58
Ug Unlocked At First I thougth it was a scam but i received my item in good working condition
So peaple Trust These They are Real
Jac Rwankuba
2019-02-20, 12:59
You guys got for me the exact products I ordered for. Even if the estimated delivery time wasn't exact, it was worth the wait. Thank you.
2018-10-26, 16:49
UgUnlocked thank you for always making the surprises for my son worth it. You are reliable, transparent and very helpful. Waiting for my discount, orders have been too many ???
2018-07-05, 12:53
You ppl don't pick yo calls
2018-06-22, 16:17
Perfect transactions and professionalism.
Dr. Okullo
2018-06-15, 16:28
I have used Ugunlocked for now 3 years and they have be magnificent. Special thanks go to the team in USA and in Uganda for the good work in assisting me obtain my items. Thank you for being reliable and above all flexible and considerate.
2018-05-04, 09:49
Ug Unlocked at first i got scared of using you guys but you are legit. Words can neither qualify nor quantify how helpful your guidance and advice has been. I am forever grateful for your services! Paul and the team May God bless you.
I recommend all the people to use Ug Unlocked. 100%
Talha Masood
2018-03-31, 19:55
Very cooperative people very flexible prices and completely reliable. Have been buying with them for some time and very very happy and satisfied with their Services. Keep it up guys God Bless U all.
2018-03-14, 06:11
Great Service, Great Communication Trust Worthy, Timely deliver, Great customer professional service , no time wasted at all stages ,I advise all colleges to use UGUNLOCKED for they provide satisfactory services .
2018-03-14, 05:47
Great Service, Great Communication Trust Worthy, Timely deliver, Great customer professional service , no time wasted at all stages ,I advise all colleges to use UGUNLOCKED for they provide satisfactory services .
2018-02-19, 10:26
have purchased alot of items with UG UNLOCKED and its been a blessing to work with these guys,At an affordable prices,Working condition of items so nice,Until now i make more orders no matter how much i deposit.......
Thank you So much You guys and the team in Uganda also so friendly Especially Denis thank.......
2018-01-30, 11:39
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2017-11-08, 14:37
Love you GUYS!!! Awesome service, nothing is ever a problem, orders arrive on time and you go above and beyond.
Katongole Yahaya
2017-09-08, 21:59
I have purchased alot of items with UG UNLOCKED and its been a blessing to work with these guy,At an affordable prices,Working condition of items so nice,Untill now i make more orders no matter how much i deposit.......
Thank you So much You guys and the team in Uganda also so friendly Especially Denis thank.......
2017-07-07, 16:37
I received my order in good condition but it look me a month to receive it in time
2017-04-01, 06:56
I have been using UG Unlocked for some good years and i like the service, specialy Rogers that my person of contact i like the way he undle customes and even his way of working..i don't worry about my things, just pay and wait...
2017-03-21, 08:44
Can I order from aliexpress?
2017-03-20, 00:22
works for me all the time every time.
my new go to shop.
Gerald Rutaro
2016-12-22, 19:24
Your the best at this.excellent staff.love you guys
Charles Onyaitt
2016-12-01, 21:47
UGUnlocked is the sure, safe, very reliable and cost effective link to get what you want from the outside world but cannot purchase by self owing to trading restrictions between nations. Highly recommended. They do a GREAT JOB.
2016-12-01, 21:42
UGUnlocked is the sure, safe, reliable and quick medium to get what you ordinarily cannot get in country owing to trading barriers between nations. Highly recommended.
Byaruhanga Franklin
2016-10-23, 13:26
This one of my best service's brings all my good on time with a great price
2016-10-04, 06:59
There is now a gap between you and the customers after placing orders. You used to communicate to us on the progress of the orders through our numbers we provide to you at the time of placing the orders but its no longer active.What happened.
Stella Okurut Lawoko
2016-09-28, 13:38
I no longer have to worry how my items will get to me, it is taken care of. They are so reliable.
2016-08-20, 19:19
i always get my self-bought stuff in time and in good shape.
i have recommended my friends and they all like your services.
keep it up guys
2016-08-14, 03:10
I appreciatedthe safe handling of all orders and the customer care provided.
2016-08-01, 08:59
I've been recommended here by a close friend,& i think we'll do business so soon with u people.
2016-06-19, 17:25
Very good service
Job Kansiime
2016-06-07, 14:12
I have dealt with you guys for three times now.
Coming for more and you haven't disappointed.
Keep it up the reputation you have out there is good so strive to keep it or better it.
2016-05-10, 16:41
apt delivery in said time bound ,hope for wider scope and revised shipping charges
smith kiggundu
2016-05-03, 09:42
thanx for the good work
2016-03-31, 09:55
Website is more appetizing to browse. Please add a chat part, so that we can directly talk to people in the shop, ask about prices and also make orders.
2016-03-25, 11:00
Victor Achema
2016-03-23, 09:52
I've purchased many items from ugunlocked, great service and all items always received in one piece. Kudos for the great service. i'd highly recommend Ugunlocked
Diana Kigozi
2016-03-11, 09:23
Have always given feedback to Paul... I so appreciate your honesty, commitment. You are one in a million and the service- super!
2016-03-02, 13:39
perfectly ok
steve b
2016-02-16, 10:58
very reliable way to shop. friendly crew ..kip up th standard!
Super User
2016-02-12, 21:57
Very reasonable charges and fast delivery
Lawrence Byamukama
2016-02-12, 20:20
Great prices, original products, wonderful customer care and after sale services.
2016-02-12, 20:06
Good services.
2016-01-18, 12:36
Great Service, super fast delivery!
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